A b o u t U s


Our mission is to cultivate and educate our communities in the area of economic development and community revitalization. Build pride of home ownership and respect for one another within our community. Bridge the neighbor communication gap by revitalizing community work efforts and creating committees within. Liven up the low-income families and individuals struggling to make it by providing affordable homeownership, 1st time home buyer programs, homeownership education / maintenance classes, as well as move-in equity. Develop and rehab properties and pass on that benefit to the new homeowner as “Silent Second,” thereby decreasing monthly payments. Allow the “American Dream” to come full circle to the benefit of all demographic areas and the many forgotten citizens. Bring pride and hope to our communities by building a better tomorrow today.


Post 80% median income levels at Main Gate Entrance and throughout concert venue; Post notice to low- to moderate-income families to sign up for pre-approved home loans if their income meets the posted 80% median income levels; Post name of booth numbers of participating Banks; All pre-approved loan participants will be eligible for lottery drawing to purchase a home at targeted site displayed at concert venue; All pre-approved loan participants will be given documentation form describing what documents need to be turned in by date posted on form; Announce all pre-approved families live from stage by performing artists; Place pre-approved families into Lottery Barrel; Post date of lottery drawing; Winners will be eligible to purchase a unit at the target site on display at concert. The 80% median income levels to be posted will be determined by number of bedrooms per unit. Low- to moderate-income families and individuals meeting  the 80% median will be prompted to go sign-up for pre-approved home loan. Each pre-approved participants name will be placed into the lottery and announced by performing artist that same day.